We are pleased to announce our reopening Monday June 1 for all business activities. Customers are NOT allowed in the plant; any calling order is curbside pickup on the north side of the building, there are signs.

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StripBit is the biggest innovation to hit the re-upholstering trade since the air compressor!

Created by a quebec master upholsterer, StripBit is an amazing innovation that has taken the re-upholstering trade by storm. It is easy to use and will cut your stripping time down to a fraction of what it was. It quickly removes anything covering your frame, often taking the tacks and staples right out - leaving a bare frame, in one single motion. It actually makes the most tedious part of the re-upholstery job into the easiest and most enjoyable part!

Save time, money and your hands, for less than the price of a pair of scissors, order StripBit today!

Stop stripping the old way - STRIP IT WITH STRIPBIT!

Introducing StripBit

How to Use StripBit


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