Our principal line of upholstery vinyls are listed by pattern and typical application. Note these applications are by no means exhaustive!

Glossary of Terms

Bus Seating - meet federal standards for automobile safety.

Contract - provides heavy duty standards in terms of abrasion, flame retardance, thickness of product. Suitable to use in public places.

Healthcare - MorCare is our leading choice of specialty health care vinyl. Formulated to withstand bleach disinfectant, MorCare proves that you can be effective and attractive in a modern health care setting. Withstanding 500,000 double rubs, made to be inherently anti bacterial and anti microbial, MorCare is a Canadian invention. On the market for over a decade, MorCare proves itself the reliable choice, again and again.

Industrial - a wide variety of applications depending on temperature, climate, moisture requirements.

Leathermatch - usually a full grained surface to match today's leather looks including finish, either dull or shiny. Always in a contract type finish.

Marine - rigourous outdoor tests ensure this vinyl will withstand Florida sunshine. Special UV inhibitors are added at point of manufacture. Ideal for outdoor seating.

Marine Top - A unsupported vinyl that provides a waterproof cover. Lots of great colours.

Mor-Care - A special finish that provides four essential premium advantages to the health care institution or demanding user. Can be disinfected with light dilutions of chlorine. It provides bacterial resistance and treated to be anti-microbrial. It has outstanding durability with a special finish that offers 60,000 double rubs using the Wyzenbeek steel wire screen wear test. It has the most demanding flame retardance in the business - right up to Federal Aviation standards. Click on MorCare in Our Products section for more information and literature, especially on cleaning.

RV & Van - the fastest growing market is recreational vehicles. Many of our products are suitable for this specific application. Some are specifically designed for it such as those listed.

Snowmobile - have a stringent test for cold crack. Usually minus 40 degrees C but be wary of imitations that do not stand up to Canada's special climate!



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