Contrast Thread

QTC Contrast T270 Nylon Thread


QTC “Contrast” is perfect for decorative seat trimming, accent stitching and much more. With 18 impactful colors to choose from, this thread will create a bold effect in any seam that is guaranteed to get noticed.

  • 100% bonded nylon thread, size T270.
  • Colors are securely dyed. There is no risk of migration.
  • Dyestuffs that are used with nylon thread are not recommended for UV exposure due to the risk of rapid fading.
  • Nylon thread inherently has excellent abrasion characteristics.


  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Automotive Upholstery

Frequently asked questions:

Why doesn’t QTN offer QTC Contrast Thread in polyester?
Some polyester threads are made with dyes that can migrate into vinyl and leather.

What is migration?
Migration is a chemical reaction between the types of dyes used in the thread and certain vinyl and leather.
Note: Although the thread and vinyl are manufactured correctly, the dye transfer may still occur.
*Any dyed polyester product should be thoroughly tested for color migration using an appropriate dye migration test.

Is there any way to fix a color transfer?
Once the migration of color occurs, it is permanent. It cannot be cleaned or repaired.

Just a reminder about contrast stitching
When using polyester thread, only a solution-dyed product inherently has no dye transfer or color migration risk. *QTN offers QTC Hercules Brand polyester, available in solution-dyed Black and White, sizes T270 and T210.

This product is not recommended for outdoor use.

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