Vinyl Coverings

We stock Morbern automotive aftermarket vinyl for upholstery and trim panels. A faithful reproduction of OEM colours, this vinyl line shown on a 4 panel Master Colour Tip Card are in stock, with the very popular Mellohide knit jersey back. These vinyls may also be used for general contract applications - they are F/R, strong, durable and highly cleanable. Choose Morbern Vinyls

Morbern Automotive: OEM Upholstery and Trim Vinyl. Design Driven, Performance Engineered.

Morbern in pleased to draw upon the experience gained from our market leadership position in our multiple markets to bring value to the automotive market. Innovation, industry leading design, attention to detail, product performance, process expertise, best in class customer service and satisfaction all provide the backbone for Morbern Automotive. We provide interior trim materials (PVC, urethanes and TPO) for Seat Systems, Door Panel Systems and Instrument Panel Systems. Our industry unique distribution centers across the United States best serve our customers.

Seating, Cut and Sew Products:
We provide solid supported and supported expanded vinyls for seating and cut and sew operations. Our range of products include luxurious, leather like textures and 4 way balanced stretch products to improve cutting facilities process efficiencies.

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